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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We married when he died
And lived a happily ever ‘after-life’
Yes, he wasn’t alive,
when I became his wife

I married him posthumous
Cause he wouldn’t let ‘Us’

I whispered him ‘I do’ ,
He echoed ‘I did’ too

I was shocked but my elation belied
And cried
“Then why did you never try?
Had the passion so soon run dry?
For me, I feared a ‘No’.
And decided to marry (you)
Only when you ‘Go’
But the ‘yes’ you just replied,
Makes me take it all in my stride

Happy as I am
My mind can’t so much cram
Difficult it is for me
to make love only to your soul
It’s so complete but not so whole
Enough from me, i now expect ‘you’ to cajole “

To this he did interject, and said
“I cannot go back and retrospect
But why don’t you this world reject?
Come to where I am
An unlimited realm.
Kill yourself now
And blame it on them somehow
Do it, do it now!”

“Yeah!! I shot myself
Can you hear me?
or are you here deaf?”

“Yes, yes I can hear
And see you now more than ever clear.
But I have some bad news I fear
Your soul is not as pretty as your face
I am sorry we will have to part ways
If we can - with grace?

I should have told you first
How here we can see the souls
as you can see flesh on earth
And yours, I am sorry is not my worth

Appearances are deceptive
And love has to be receptive
Alas! ours does not cut it

But hey why don’t you go back to your dead body,
Cause to that I had still nodded”